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Associate Member Ceremony

The Associate Member Ceremony introduces Lambda Chi Alpha’s newest men to the Fraternity’s values of fraternity, patriotism, learning, and morality, represented by the four equilateral triangles on the associate member pin. The ceremony incorporates the use of the American or Canadian flag, the Greek lamp, and the Bible. This ritual marks the first formal celebration of membership in Lambda Chi Alpha and transitions a potential brother into an associate.

Initiation Ritual

The Initiation Ritual serves as the culmination of the associate member period and the commencement of brotherhood in Lambda Chi Alpha. This secret ritual incorporates regalia from the coat of arms, fraternity symbols, the brother’s pin to evolve an associate member into a fully initiated brother. To receive more information regarding the Initiation Ritual, contact Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity International Headquarters.

Installation of Chapter Officers

The Ceremony for Elected Officers gives charge to the fortunate men who will serve as officers for their chapter over the next year. The officers vow to faithfully discharge the duties of their office and are presented with the collar and pendants of their office. Each member of the High Zeta must fulfill the duties prescribed to serve the chapter and leave their office in better condition than when installed.

Inner Circle Evolutions

These ritualistic encounters incorporate the Core Values of Lambda Chi Alpha and give initiated brothers the opportunity to re-enter the ritual chamber and take part in novel yet familiar experiences. Each evolution progresses the brother through the respective stages of Faithful Steward, Servant Leader, Leader of Character, and Lifetime Brother. To receive more information regarding regalia and equipment for the Inner Circle Evolutions, contact Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity International Headquarters.

Need to purchase equipment?

Herff-Jones, Legacy Division

Lambda Chi Alpha’s official jeweler provides badges, pendants, chapter guards, and other accessories.

Kalamazoo Regalia

Lambda Chi Alpha’s official vendor for all Lambda Chi Alpha ritualistic equipment and clothing.


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Lambda Chi Alpha’s vision is to lead a co-curricular Greek movement, predicated on partnership and collaboration amongst the undergraduates, host institutions, alumni and General Fraternity, and to offer an experience that focuses on the maturational development of today’s college man. As such, it is the vision of Lambda Chi Alpha to extend itself beyond the traditional social fraternity in practice and principle.


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