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In the past decade, Lambda Chi Alpha has redefined expectations regarding our member’s behavior and made effects to change how they behave. Campus environments and cultures, as well as our co-curricular partners’ approach to advising chapters, influence and affect Lambda Chi Alpha’s ability to successfully offer a values-based experience to today’s college men.

3795477134_4c21c29f17_bIn order for us to not only combat the culture and environmental factors that negatively influence fraternities, as well as sororities, but also effect significant lasting change, Lambda Chi Alpha is committed to partner with the campus professionals and administrators at our host institutions.

Lambda Chi Alpha is willing and wants to work with its undergraduates, alumni, and co-curricular partners to position our chapters and colonies for success. We expect our members, both collegiate and alumni, to: 1) offer a fraternity experience that is consistent with our Seven Core Values and ritual teachings, 2) follow our policies and uphold them to standards set, and 3) implement the components of our educational curriculum.

However in order for this happen, we need your commitment, our co-curricular partner, that you will support us and our men in their efforts to become and remain a values-based organization on your campus. To demonstrate this commitment, we ask those who advise a Lambda Chi Alpha chapter or colony to:

  • Meet with chapter/colony leadership, in person, at least once a month
  • Meet with our alumni advisor(s), in person, at least once every term
  • Meet with the Lambda Chi Alpha’s professional staff member during his visit with the chapter/colony (typically twice a year)
  • Do your best to use the organization’s terminology
    • For example, using the term “associate member” instead of “pledge” when referring to our new members.
    • Please click HERE to access a full glossary
  • Attempt to refer to our education curriculum when discussing chapter programming
  • Communicate any important chapter developments (proactive or reactive) pertinent to the Lambda Chi Alpha’s professional staff
  • Work in collaboration with Lambda Chi Alpha’s professional staff in the management and response to risk management/harm reduction related issues.

To help you to fulfill this commitment, we want to provide you some information about today’s Lambda Chi Alpha and resources to assist you when working with our chapters or colonies. We hope the information below is helpful to you as you work with our members.

Fraternity Facts and Figures

Lambda_Chi_Alpha_Coat_of_Arms.svg-2Lambda Chi Alpha was founded on November 2, 1909, with the objective purpose of bringing about the association of college students of good moral character.

  • 197 chapters and colonies in the United States and Canada (as of Feb. 2017)
  • About 11,000 current undergraduate members with average chapter size of 54
  • More than 290,000 initiated members since 1909
  • First fraternity to abolish pledging (1972) and replace it with associate membership, giving new members voting rights in chapter matters and ability to hold officer positions.
  • Since 1993, our fraternity has taken an active role in ending food hunger and raising awareness by raising more than 45 million pounds of food donations; and formally created a partnership with Feeding America in 2013.

For information on Lambda Chi Alpha history, click HERE

Fraternity Priorities

In 2015, the Board of Directors of Lambda Chi Alpha (also known as the Grand High Zeta) developed and approved a new strategic plan for the fraternity to run through 2018. The primary focus areas for the strategic plan are the following:

  • Collegiate Experience
  • Growth
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Live Our Values
  • Alumni

Please click HERE for more information on our strategic plan.

Who to Contact…

The following staff member oversees all aspects of the collegiate experience, and ensures overall health and consistent development of the collegiate chapters and colonies. Staff contacts and general information about their specific roles are provided below. Please feel free to contact the staff member that would be appropriate to answer your questions. To see a full staff directory, please click HERE.

Nick Zuniga
Director of
Chapter Services
Contact Nick with inquires about chapter operations and updates on the strategic directions for the Fraternity
Josh Womack
Associate Director of Chapter Services
Contact Josh with inquires about a campus visit from the Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) or the CORE Report
Alyssa Bennett
Associate Director of Harm Reduction
Contact Alyssa with inquires about risk management issues or situation, certificates of insurance, and harm reduction education
Chris Buck
Chris Buck
Associate Director of Expansion
Contact Chris with inquires about our expansion and colonization process
Marcus Kelley
Marcus Kelley
Associate Director of Education
 Contact Marcus with inquires about educational programming and opportunities for local groups and individual members
George Taylor
Associate Director of Alumni Involvement
Contact George with inquires about alumni advisors and engagement with local groups
Nikki Ziegenfuss
Database Manager
Contact Nikki with inquires about membership reporting and information
David Schieler
Education Curriculum Specialist
 Contact David with inquires about officer training and leadership resources, as well as assistance with local groups’ education plans/programs

Educational Leadership Consultants

Dating back to the earliest years of our Fraternity, support and interaction with the Office of Administration and the General Fraternity staff has been a critical component of our success. The Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) is one of the finest examples of servant leadership and a boundless opportunity for recent graduates to interact and mentor undergraduate brothers, chapters and colonies all over North America.

Though they come from a variety of backgrounds, each ELC has served in leadership roles in his home chapter. As one of the most valuable services offered by the international office, the ELCs provide professional analysis and assistance (visiting each chapter and colony at least twice a year) with emphasis on chapter operations, membership, or special problems. They work with the chapter officers in evaluating their duties, analyzing current problems, and developing pragmatic programs suited to each chapter’s special situation.

The ELC visiting the Lambda Chi Alpha chapter or colony on your campus also can serve as a point of contact to the international organization. Please click on the map below to see which ELC will be visiting your campus. To find his contact information, click HERE.

The ELC visiting your campus will be able to assist you with specific needs and concerns you have for the chapter or colony. During each of his visit with the chapter, the ELC should not only meet with chapter leadership and alumni advisors, but also with the campus professional(s) directly advising the chapter.

Encourage Chapter Leaders to Serve as a Consultant

IMG_0573Lambda Chi Alpha is always looking for bright, driven candidates to serve as Educational Leadership Consultants (ELCs).  Combining passion for fraternity with love of travel, the ELC position is fantastic for anyone interested in a career in higher education, sales, consulting, fundraising, development, traveling positions, and graduate degree programs.

Candidates may fill out an interest form at any time here (

For questions about the position, please contact Associate Director of Chapter Services, Josh Womack, at or 317-803-7352.

Important Dates

September 5, 2016  International Headquarters office closed
September 15, 2016 Chapter Billing Statement released
September 19-23, 2016 Feeding America Volunteer Week (click HERE for more information)
October 14, 2016  Chapter Roster updates due
October 15, 2016  Chapter Bill & Risk Management Assessment updates due
November 17, 2016 High Alpha Summit registration opens
November 24-25, 2016 International Headquarters office closed
December 16, 2016 High Alpha Summit registration closes
December 24, 2016- January 1, 2017 International Headquarters office closed
January 12-15, 2017 High Alpha Summit (click HERE for more information)
January 16, 2017 International Headquarters office closed

The Seven Core Values

The Seven Core Values are the foundation of the Lambda Chi Alpha experience and core elements of our recruitment training and philosophy, membership education, and ritualism education. They should also be utilized by the chapter in everything from programming, to chapter management, to risking harm within the chapter.

For information on the Seven Core Values, please click HERE.


The Learning Model

Based on David A. Kolb’s experiential learning theory, the Lambda Chi Alpha Learning Model is the anchor to the fraternity’s developmental process for our members to reflect and make meaning of their experiences, both within and outside of the fraternity, to enhance their own personal growth. Active learning (followed by guided reflection, meaning-making and sharing) is key to all aspects of development for our new and initiated members.

For information on the Learning Model, please click HERE.

The True Brother Initiative

truebrotherIt is our goal is to provide an abundant supply of educational programming relevant to today’s college men, as well as add value and quality to their lives through their lifelong experience as a Lambda Chi Alpha brother.

In 2007, Lambda Chi Alpha created a comprehensive development initiative that benefits new members, initiated members, and alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha., known as the True Brother Initiative. There are three main components of the True Brother Initiative that reflect the stage at which a member of Lambda Chi Alpha is currently experiencing; with the foundation for the True Brother identity being formed by the Seven Core Values of Lambda Chi Alpha.

For information on the True Brother Initiative, please click HERE.

As campus advisor to the chapter or colony, we ask your help in ensuring the chapter or colony is implementing this programming by:

  • Asking our members if they are seeking out individuals who display or are interested in a values-based experience
  • Asking if our men can explain the benefits of associate membership
  • Asking the men if they are using the Seven Core Values in their bid discussions.
  • Asking for a copy of the chapter’s education curriculum, including the pre-initiation schedule (should not be longer than five days)
  • Asking if each activity/event has a purpose and learning outcomes
  • Asking if each activity/event is constructed in a way that allows for the learning model to occur
  • Asking if the development process include the reflection questions
  • Asking if the High Kappa or Big Brothers participate in the debrief (sharing) session to discuss the week’s core values experience, reflection, and the meaning made

For more on other programming offered to our members, please click HERE.

The Chapter/Colony Leadership (High Zeta)

Each chapter and colony has a committee of officers, known as the High Zeta, which composed of 12 annually elected collegiate members and an alumni advisor (or High Pi), who is appointed every two year by the Grand High Pi, the Chancellor of the Fraternity.

High Alpha (President)- Oversees overall operations
High Beta (1st Vice President)- Oversees internal involvement and campus involvement
High Theta (2nd Vice President)- Organize philanthropic and community service events
High Gamma (Secretary)- Maintains meeting minutes & membership records
High Tau (Treasurer)- Oversees financial management and records
High Iota (Risk Manager)- Coordinates harm reduction education and event planning
High Rho (Alumni Liaison)- Oversees alumni development and engagement
High Kappa (Fraternity Educator)- Develops & executes education sessions for all members
High Delta (Recruitment Chairman)- Leads the recruitment efforts
High Phi (Ritualist)- Coordinates ritualism activities
High Sigma (Educational Chairman)- Leads and plans activities to assist members academically
High Epsilon (Social Chairman)- Organizes social events

Please click HERE for more information and to access the resources for these officer positions.


Self-Accreditation Meets Lambda Chi Alpha Chapters and Colonies

Core Report Logo 1The 2016-2017 academic year introduce Lambda Chi Alpha’s new “CORE Report.” The Chapter/Colony Operation Reflection & Elevation Report puts chapter operation evaluation in the undergraduates’ hands.

Completing the report by April 15 every year, chapter members will have the opportunity to showcase their year-round efforts to live out Lambda Chi Alpha values and programming.

They will complete sections pertaining to the following: Administration & Management, Growth & Retention, Member Development, Leadership Advancement, Community Engagement, Academic Excellence, External Support, and Harm Reduction. At the beginning of the following academic year, chapters and colonies will receive feedback from staff members and organizational volunteers to advance operations in the year to come. For questions about the new CORE Program, please contact Associate Director of Chapter Services, Josh Womack, at or 317-803-7352.

Alumni Advising

Lambda Chi Alpha has many dedicated alumni involved in directly coaching and mentoring chapters and colonies across North America. Below are two ways alumni interact with our collegiate members in an advisory capacity:

High Pi (Alumni Advisor): The main point of contact between the chapter and the International Fraternity, campus officials and other alumni. He is also the Chairman of the Alumni Advisory Board.

Alumni Advisory Board: A group of Alumni Brothers who assist the High Pi in advising chapter officers or areas of operations. They work directly with the High Pi and should coordinate any communication through him.


All chapters must meet an alumni involvement operating standard of a High Pi and at least three members of an Alumni Advisory Board. All alumni volunteers must go through a criminal and sex offender background check to be recognized as Alumni Advisors. Lambda Chi Alpha also offers bi-annual advisor education that is available to all alumni advisors, Alumni Advisory Board Members and House Corporation Members.

We ask that each of our High Pis meet with the campus professional advising a Lambda Chi Alpha chapter, or their designee, on a regularly basis to touch base on the chapter and ways you can work together to improve operations.

If you have any questions regarding alumni involvement, please contact George Taylor (Associate Director of Alumni Involvement) at

Colony Advisors Wanted

Lambda Chi Alpha is expanding to seven (7) campuses this year and is looking for member and non-member advisors to support our new colonies. If you know of anyone who would be an amazing advisor for our newest groups, please share their information us at This is a great opportunity for a young member of the Student Affairs profession who want to have a Greek Life advising experience. These are the campuses we are expanding to for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Spring 2017

Houston Baptist University

Johnson & Wales University – Providence

University of North Texas

Fall 2017

Texas State University

Christopher Newport University

University of Nevada, Reno


Harm Reduction, Event Planning & Probation

iotaLambda Chi Alpha takes a proactive stance when it comes to managing issues that are common in the fraternity world. We require our chapters to hold harm reduction education sessions throughout the year, as well as submit a Harm Reduction Report once a year. For more information on our Harm Reduction practices, please click HERE to access that information or email for assistance.

We also require our chapters to submit Event Planning Forms for chapter functions. These forms ensure that our chapters are taking the appropriate actions to ensure the safety of our members and their guests at all chapter functions. If you have questions about an upcoming chapter event, please email

If you have questions about the disciplinary standing of a chapter, a question about probation terms or any other questions regarding probation, please contact our Harm Reduction Team at

Fraternity Policies

Lambda Chi Alpha’s policies cover a variety of topics including, risk management issues, social activities and standards for operation. Lambda Chi Alpha makes its laws and policies available to the public. Please click HERE to view and access Lambda Chi Alpha’s laws and polices.

If you have any questions regarding any of the policies, please contact our Harm Reduction Team at or any Chapter Services team member for assistance.

Report an Incident

Prompt reporting often prevents minor incidents from developing into major problems. Please contact Alyssa Bennett (Associate Director of Harm Reduction) at, the chapter’s Educational Leadership Consultant, or email to report any crisis management incidents or issues.

Insurance Certificate

If you need a copy of a certificate of insurance, please contact Alyssa Bennett (Associate Director of Harm Reduction) at with the specific insurance request, the name and contact information of the staff member the certificate needs to be sent to and a copy of the policy that states the insurance requirements.

Lambda Chi Alpha is looking to Grow!

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity is committed to growing its brotherhood and enhancing the co-curricular environment through expansion. The expansion team is looking for high-caliber campuses with strong fraternity and sorority communities who are interested in growing. For more information on our expansion process or to refer a campus, please click HERE or email Chris Buck (Associate Director of Expansion) at


2016-2017 Recruitment Challenge

This year Lambda Chi Alpha is challenging it’s chapters and colonies to enhance their recruitment skills and identify more men who embody our 7 Core Values. Each chapter/colony was given a specific goal to strive for during this academic year which included the groups recent association and retention numbers. If the Lambda Chi Alpha chapter on your campus has questions about their goal or need a little guidance, please email

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Lambda Chi Alpha’s vision is to lead a co-curricular Greek movement, predicated on partnership and collaboration amongst the undergraduates, host institutions, alumni and General Fraternity, and to offer an experience that focuses on the maturational development of today’s college man. As such, it is the vision of Lambda Chi Alpha to extend itself beyond the traditional social fraternity in practice and principle.


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