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At Lambda Chi Alpha, we are very proud of our heritage and strive to be faithful stewards of our 100-year traditions and teachings in all of our marketing communications activities and materials we produce. To that end, we have provided extensive resources and guidelines to help you apply our brand standards when communicating to a wider audience of undergraduates, alumni brothers, parents, college administrators, and more.

Included in this section are details about our visual and written brand standards, how to access our photo library, information about our core publications, and our news releases announcing some of our most important accomplishments and milestones.

If you have any questions, please contact the Communications Department


Cross & Crescent

Cross & Crescent (ISSN 1930-1278) is a quarterly online magazine that includes Chapter News, TRUE Brother News, history and a feature or two about prominent or interesting alumni brothers. The Cross & Crescent is Lambda Chi Alpha’s flagship publication.


The Cross & Crescent is produced each month by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. These folks work hard to publish a quality magazine each month, packaging it in both web and PDF-based formats.

From Print to Web

After 90 years as a printed publication, the Cross & Crescent became an online magazine on November 2, 2005. To learn more about this change, check out the article “Magazine Moves Online” or our frequently asked questions.

A new issue of the Cross & Crescent magazine is published on the second day of each month (except January and August). If you would like to receive an email reminding you to return to this site each month, we created an opt-in list for you to subscribe to.

The Paedagogus

Paedagogus is a Latin word that comes from the Greek Paidagogos, meaning a male companion, or personal tutor, who accompanied young students to and from school and had charge of them at school — hence a male teacher or pedagogue. His obligation lay not merely in training the young mind but in guiding conduct and character. So today, the member of a fraternity is constantly influenced by the other members with whom he lives and spends most of his time at college.

The Paedagogos of ancient Greece was devoted to the development of the well-rounded personality in an atmosphere of friendliness. So, precisely, is the college fraternity of today. Because today the opportunity for honorable and courageous conduct is as great as at any time in history; we call this embodiment of our elementary teachings in fraternalism, the Paedagogus.

This book is provided to each member, associate and initiate, so answers may be obtained to questions pertaining to Lambda Chi Alpha. This book is not intended to be required reading or material for memorization by any individual. Rather, it is for the mutual benefit of all members so an understanding of Lambda Chi Alpha may be obtained through the undergraduate years and beyond.

The Paedagogus is a lifelong companion carrying memories of situations, the making of new friends, the fulfillment of dreams, the evolution of a personality nurtured by the light of youthful happiness, and the vision of brotherly idealism.

The Paedagogus is designed with the new member in mind, providing a keepsake introduction to the fraternal world. In addition to answering questions about chapter and General Fraternity operations, this book is designed to communicate the ideals and standards of Lambda Chi Alpha and to make known the basic expectations and responsibilities of membership as an associate, active member, and alumnus.

For more information, or to inquire about obtaining copies of the Paedagogus, please reference the Contact Us page.


Visual Identity Style Guide

The role of our brand is to create a powerful, long-term, emotional connection with our current and future brothers. A brand is not simply a typeface and imagery, but a spirit that is imbued in every brother touch point. As stakeholders in the future of Lambda Chi Alpha, we are charged with the responsibility of building a powerful and consistent brand presence.

Lambda Chi Alpha graphics can now be downloaded through links found within the 2017 Style Guide. If you have any questions about specific graphics, please contact


For more information about our standards, please download the 2017 Lambda Chi Alpha Style Guide click here.

If you have questions, please contact Lambda Chi Alpha’s Communications Department.


Over the years, Lambda Chi Alpha has acquired more than 10,000 photos of its members and chapters. Now, they’ve been made available to your via our account at Flickr Lambda Chi

Flickr is our photo repository. We’ve done our best to sort and tag photos by keywords to help you find them, but there are just too many. We invite you to view our photos, add tags, or even name and describe the people who are pictured. The more you add, the easier it will be for someone after you to find who or what they are looking for.

We’ve also released all of these images under a Creative Commons license, meaning you may freely use these photos in your newsletters or websites. If you’d like to add your photos to our account, please email them to or share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Lambda Chi Alpha’s vision is to lead a co-curricular Greek movement, predicated on partnership and collaboration amongst the undergraduates, host institutions, alumni and General Fraternity, and to offer an experience that focuses on the maturational development of today’s college man. As such, it is the vision of Lambda Chi Alpha to extend itself beyond the traditional social fraternity in practice and principle.


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