Supported Programs

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Supported Programs

Every year the Educational Foundation funds specific educational programming and initiatives to further pursue our mission and vision. As a glimpse into the type of funding the Educational Foundation provides, during fiscal year 2015-2016 the Foundation has specifically supported:


Jerre L. and Mary Joy Stead Leadership Seminar

The Educational Foundation grants funds to underwrite a significant amount of the educational aspects of this program. The programming that each chapter leader takes away works systematically through the Seven Core Values of the True Brother Initiative – Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service & Stewardship, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. An array of other educational topics are covered in a variety of settings for workshops in leadership. Each summer 500-600 undergraduates take advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime.

High Alpha Summit

The summit seeks to equip participants with the necessary tools and best practices to improve communication, manage others effectively and to develop efficiency as the chapter leader. While discussing common issues among chapters and colonies, participants will gain valuable information on values based leadership and develop their core competencies of communication, problem solving, goal setting and interpersonal skills.

Neville Advisers College

This multi-level alumnus volunteer training program is a standalone program for chapter advisors named for long-time volunteer Ronald A. Neville. The Neville Advisers College is a motivating and fast-paced curriculum, focused on educating and developing alumni advisers as coaches, mentors, and stewards of the undergraduates. Built on the core values and learning model of Lambda Chi Alpha, this training equips participants with the tools necessary to not only teach, but also how to model the way for undergraduate brothers.


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Lambda Chi Alpha’s vision is to lead a co-curricular Greek movement, predicated on partnership and collaboration amongst the undergraduates, host institutions, alumni and General Fraternity, and to offer an experience that focuses on the maturational development of today’s college man. As such, it is the vision of Lambda Chi Alpha to extend itself beyond the traditional social fraternity in practice and principle.


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