Master Steward Retreats

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Does your chapter or colony want to have better recruitment practices?

Does your chapter or colony struggle to keep the values of Lambda Chi Alpha constantly before their eyes?

Does your chapter or colony lose focus during officer transitions or need help with goal-setting?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then there is an answer for you!

There are alumni brothers, known as Master Stewards, in all Conclave regions who have been trained to assist you and your brothers in these areas.

To request a Master Steward retreat today, click here!

Values-Based Recruitment Retreat 

The Values-Based Recruitment Retreat is a tool to assist chapters with enhancing their overall recruitment program. This retreat will lead the chapter with the development of a unified direction and vision, and will assist in establishing criteria for new member candidates. This is not designed to plan every activity but an overarching direction. Members will assess the chapter’s weaknesses and strengths and determine appropriate goals.

This retreat also aims to equip members with skills and recruitment tactics that should yield greater numbers. The participants will learn how to market the organization and how to address tough questions. Finally, the participants will have a better understanding of how to make recruitment a year-round process.

Live Our Values! Retreat 

“Live Our Values!” is a retreat designed to challenge our member to identify and live out their personal values and the values of Lambda Chi Alpha. This retreat serves to help our undergraduates to define their personal values, to engage in meaningful discussions about values, to examine the purpose of our ritual, and to make a commitment to always live our values. This retreat should help members to explore their lives, to look in depth at what they believe in, and to determine how their actions will reflect ideals that they value.

This retreat will help members dig deeper into our values and how they apply to our lives today. Understanding our values are important for every member because they are the foundation that guides everything we do individually and as an organization. In order for values to become an important part of the Lambda Chi Alpha experience, we must practice examining our values and applying them in our everyday life.

ZAPP Retreat 

The Zeta Assessment and Planning Program (ZAPP) is a retreat to help a chapter identify its goals and begin planning its programs for the coming year, based on an assessment of the past year and strategic planning for the future of the chapter. It is not designed to plan every activity or to set the calendar in stone for the upcoming year. However, it should identify areas the chapter wants to improve and key events or activities the chapter wants to see happen that contribute to the overall vision for the chapter.

The end result of the retreat is documentation of goals and desires in a form that will help the chapter officers develop and implement plans for the coming year in a manner that represents what the chapter sees as most important. It is important to think of planning as a cycle and not a straight-line process. When approaching planning as a cycle, the chapter can ensure that plans are fully considered, well focused, flexible, practical, and effective. It will also provide an opportunity to evaluate and learn from any challenges that occur and then feed this information back into future planning and decision making.

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