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Lambda Chi Alpha’s Experiential Learning Model:

Based on David A. Kolb’s experiential learning theory, the Lambda Chi Alpha’s Experiential Learning Model is a conceptual tool and learning process for Lambda Chi Alpha members to reflect and make meaning of their experiences, both within and outside of the fraternity, to enhance their own personal growth.


Experience Stage:

As Lambda Chi Alpha brothers have experiences and complete developmental exercises, it is vital they take time to become aware of how these experiences impact them, as well as what thoughts and feelings are evoked from having these experiences.

Reflection Stage:

Once brothers have the experience, the practice of participating in self-reflection prepares them for next steps in both Lambda Chi Alpha and life’s journey. Understanding experiences can teach individuals a great deal about themselves, Lambda Chi Alpha brothers must practice the skill of self-observation and self-analysis. The practice of these skills leads to heightened self-awareness and self-understanding. In this stage, no attempt whatsoever is made to find meaning in the experience; rather the focus is on what occurred…. Who did or said what? What was the environment like? Was there symbolism? Was there an intended lesson? How does the experience relate to what is going on in your life or the teaching of Lambda Chi Alpha?

Make Meaning Stage:

Developmental psychologists tell us that organisms organize, and that human organisms organize meaning. We, as human beings, are unique in this need to find meaning in our life experiences. As we grow, and mature, what really changes in our lives is how we construct our systems of meaning, what we find important, or of value, to us. The intention of this stage is to instill a sense of meaning in our brothers, based on “So what? Now what?” knowledge they acquired in the new experiences they have. In this stage, making meaning of an experience challenges individuals to figure out how to make use of the meaning by applying it to their life.

Sharing Stage:

As a brother has experiences and makes meaning of the experiences through the educational model Lambda Chi Alpha employs, his ability to share his experiences is the final step in the developmental journey. The ability to share experiences creates healthier, happier individuals and relationships. Thus, equip the brothers with the necessary tools for a meaningful undergraduate experience and strong foundation for a quality life.

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